Datasets for TGD paper

Revised: Apr. 29, 2015. Jun Inoue

Database - FishOrthoDB

Dataset S1.— cDNA sequence alignments of 1,139 orthogroups suggested as phylogenetic markers (41.2MB).

Dataset S2.— cDNA sequence alignments and rearranged ML trees used to estimate the 6,892 orthogroups fulfilling the 70% bootstrap criterion (1.1GB).

Dataset S3.— Results of all 21,706 (20,368 human- and 1,338 medaka-centered) gene analyses (xlsx). (1.1MB).

Dataset S4.— Results of 20,914 (20,368 human- and 546 medaka-centered) gene analyses incorporating eel data (xlsx). (1.3MB).

Dataset S5.— Chromosome name and gene start/end of orthologs belonging to the 6,892 orthogroups (xlsx). (3.0MB).

Inoue J, Sato Y, Sinclair R, Tsukamoto K, Nishida M. 2015. Rapid genome reshaping by multiple-gene loss after whole-genome duplication in teleost fish suggested by mathematical modeling. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112(48):14918-14923.

(including eel)